A Special Time of Year Summer Spiritual Growth

Summer Spiritual Growth

Lorene Hanley Duquin

Summer is that special time of year when you have the time to do things that you might not ordinarily do. When you think of this special time from a spiritual perspective, all sorts of possibilities arise. Here are some things you could do to deepen your spirituality this summer:

§  Get up early to watch the sunrise and let the Lord to speak to you in the beauty of nature.

§  Wade in some water. Whether it’s a creek, a pond, a lake or an ocean, reflect on how you came to Christ through the waters of Baptism.

§  Sit by a campfire and allow the light and heat from the dancing flames to become a reminder of the healing light and warmth of Christ’s love.

§  Find a shady place where you can relax and read the Gospels. Allow the words of Scripture to penetrate your soul.

§  Lie on the lawn and watch the cloud formations. Marvel at the beauty of God’s creation.

§  Go for a walk in the woods and imagine that the trees are angels sent by God to shelter and protect you.

§  Listen to the chirping of birds and join them in praising God.

§  Allow yourself to sweat in the heat of the day and imagine that God is letting any impurities inside of you to be released.

§  Quench your thirst with a cool glass of water and reflect on how the Lord thirsts for souls.

§  Feel the summer breeze and think about how the Holy Spirit moves like a gentle wind through your life.

§  Gaze upon the stars in the nighttime sky and allow yourself to feel small in the largeness of the universe.

§  Take the time to thank God for all the wonderful gifts that he has bestowed upon you.