Food Pantry

"For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink.” —Matthew 25:35

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide food, as the need arises, for the people who are connected with St. Therese's Church. This ministry is especially important during these economic times that, as the Lord leads, we provide sustenance to those people who need it.

Food Collection

St. Therese Parish continues to furnish non-perishable food for the All Souls Food Pantry.  The collection of food is on-going and may be placed in the two benches found in the inside entrance of the church.  Early on every Wednesday morning, volunteers gather the food from St. Therese and deliver it to the All Souls Food Pantry.  During the months of summer, there are far fewer persons donating food than during the high seasonal months.  However, what remains constant is the need for food.  Hunger is not seasonal in our area of southwest Florida – it is year round!  Any food you can bring is so greatly appreciated!  I urge you to do “smart” shopping every week – watch for the “buy one, get one” specials and double your purchasing power and share some food with those who are hungry. Please remember that food in glass jars or containers are not accepted at the Food Pantry!

Our Wish List – these items are greatly appreciated!

- Rice

- Cereal

- Canned Fruit

- Canned Vegetables

- Peanut Butter and Jelly

- Canned Meats

- Powdered Milk

- Pasta and Sauce

- Others


Thank you to all who bring donations of food to St. Therese. You are an instrument of God’s mercy to the poor!  We join together to THANK those who give of their time and energy to be sure that what is donated at St. Therese is delivered to the Food Pantry.